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Chocolate Fountain Melting Chips
  Chocolate Flavored Fountain Melting Chips

Chocolate Flavored Fountain Melting Chips

Dipping candy is a blend of high quality milk flavored candy wafers. Provides a smooth coat and a glossy appearance. Comes in flavor-seal 2 pound bags. Perfect for the home candymaker who doesn't want to go through tempering chocolate to dip, coat, or mold.

2 pound bag $8.95

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Chocolate Flavored Fountain Melting Chips

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About Wafers

Our chocolate flavored fountain melting chips (wafers) can be used for molding, dipping, and coating. Since these wafers are not 100% pure chocolate, they do not have to be tempered - simply melted and used. Dries to a gloss finish.

If you're looking for real chocolate wafers, click here.

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